SafetyBase Interchange R2

Simplicity is key to productivity. SafetyBase Interchange wraps a fully compliant drug safety database in an elegant design, so you can get things done quicker.

Get more done in less time

We have been able to simplify all aspects of working with Adverse Event data, so you can get things done quicker and process more cases in less time. Your drug safety manager will love it. By creating the most drug safety associate friendly app that has ever existed, we have optimized workflow

and increased productivity to new levels, never seen before.

All your AE data, all in one place

With SafetyBase Interchange, we have brought the latest technology to drug safety professionals. By using a simple web-based app, you will be able to work from anywhere, ensure compliance to latest regulations, and rest assured that your data is safe. All services run on BaseCon central servers with fully validated backup procedures and 24/7 access to authorized users from anywhere in the world. In-house hosting configurations are also supported.

Every feature you need, no features you do not need

We are smart with adding redundancy where it is needed, and with eliminating it where it is unneeded. We have removed redundant procedures to optimize your workflow, while adding redundancy in the system to ensure reliability and safety of your data. The result: Time-saving software that communicates, receives, sends and manages electronic adverse event reports reliably, and is automatically updated to comply with changing legislation and standards.