CaseBase Management

CaseBase Management enables you to effectively manage a drug safety team. Whether it is across the hall, or across the continent.

Flexibility all around

Every drug safety team is different. To manage your team effectively, you need a tool that is highly configurable and easy to use. With CaseBase Management, we were able to achieve an unprecedented level of flexibility, so you can manage your team your way. From custom workflow to managing team members, to querying precisely the set of data you need, when you need it. Everything is under your control, intuitively.

Team productivity boost

Maximum team productivity means there is no obstacles that hold the team back. With CaseBase Management, we have achieved just that. We have created a streamlined workflow and an environment that is extremely productive. Think of it as of a cruise control of your AE data, while our app keeps your hand on the pulse and improves handling of cases within your organization. Your team will be more productive than ever.

Time saving management

The beauty of CaseBase Management is in that
the increased team productivity does not come at the expense of you having to spend more time.
In fact, it is quite the opposite. CaseBase Management greatly improves your team’s output, while saving your time as well. It integrates seamlessly with SafetyBase Interchange, and uses the same intuitive interface that you just love the first time you try it.

Key features

  • Complete Case Management System
  • Overview of All Cases
  • Follow-up Tracking
  • Workload Overview
  • Assign Tasks and Cases to Users
  • Add Compulsory Steps
  • All Data Exportable to Spreadsheets
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Progress Tracking through Audit Trails of User Actions
  • User Accounts with Access Levels and Rights
  • Customizable Data Queries
  • Web-Based Interface