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SafetyBase Interchange is an intuitive secure web-based pharmacovigilance and drug safety software that allows the receipt, sending and management of electronic adverse event reports reliably and in accordance with compliance standards.

BaseCon pharmacovigilance software – SafetyBase

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Key Features and benefits

Secure AE case submission

Send and receive Adverse Event cases in XML file format (E2B) over a secure encrypted connection to authorities or partners and ensure quick and easy reporting in a compliant manner.

Our integrated gateway works seamlessly with the entire database and users never have to manually track submissions. Acknowledgement files are automatically uploaded.

Automatic Receiver Selections

Users receive an automated list of report receivers to select, saving time while ensuring quality and consistency.

Fully integrated Product Register

Leverage automated product names, active substance(s), countries in which the product is marketed, labelling information and much more included in your product register during case data entry and save users time. Product information is also automatically transferred to the case.

Submissions Tracking

Easily track reports sent to partners and authorities, see time stamps and case versions with an easy-to-read dashboard, giving users the ability to comfortably meet deadlines.

E-mail Controlled Workflow

Receive automated emails when critical tasks are completed, making it simpler for users to track and manage processes without the need to log into SafetyBase periodically to check on task statuses.

Support for CIOMS and MedWatch

Save time with electronically generated pre-filled standard CIOMS and MedWatch forms.

Automated Summary Tabulations

Save time with automated summary tables and line listings used in multiple case reports required for GVP Module VII reports. Tables and listing can be used for both post-marketing drug and clinical trials safety.

Real-Time Surveillance

Easily track cases, monitor safety and check for signals using up-to-date reports.

Electronic Archive

Track all received documents for unique cases using our secure case archive.

Automated Reporting

Generate multiple electronic reports with one click, saving users time associated with accessing and producing individual reports for unique cases.

Simple and Secure Web-access

BaseCon3 provides SSL encrypted access via a web-browser from any location, removing the need for third-party software or VPN access to complete business-critical tasks.

In-House Hosting is available. Please inquire for details.

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