Ensuring pharmacovigilance compliance, efficiency and security

BaseCon is a pharmacovigilance software company. Established in 1999, BaseCon has become the go-to for pharmacovigilance solutions provider that is easy-to-use and enables streamlined, effective drug safety practices in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Our solutions enable pharmaceutical companies and contract research and safety organisations to achieve compliance. Through the flexibility of our software, our clients can meet their unique internal workflows in less time, without compromising on data integrity or security, increasing the safety of patients across the world.

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Our products


BaseCon Computerised Systems and Application Software are designed, developed, tested and maintained for organisations in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries in accordance with applicable US-FDA and EMA GxP regulations and guidelines.

Flexibility and efficiency

Access to BaseCon software applications is maintained through secure online portals, giving pharma professionals the ability to complete critical tasks from anywhere.

Smart Integrations

SafetyBase Interchange can integrate with any external system with our API for importing case information.

Full Viedoc Clinic (www.viedoc.com) AE case data integration is available as an add-on.

Secure Hosting

BaseCon carries out the technical implementation and daily management of our IT system. We run all programs on a central server according to GxP, manage all software validation, backup procedures, and updates as a part of standard maintenance.

Our software is categorized as a GAMP 5 off-the-shelf product and we offer on-premise hosting and secure cloud hosting options along with full professional IT support.


Our new completely redesigned safety database compliant with the soon mandatory E2B-R3 standard.

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CaseBase Management

A case management software solution that gives pharmacovigilance professionals the flexibility to customize and streamline workflows, produce reports, and track user activities with ease.

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